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REKON Outdoor Gear CFS-1 Premium Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks R002

REKON Outdoor Gear CFS-1 Premium Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks R002

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The last pair of shooting sticks you will ever need! The US Patent Pending REKON CFS-1 Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks are the ultimate companion for hunting enthusiasts and professional marksmen. These shooting sticks are meticulously designed with a perfect blend of cutting-edge materials and advanced features to enhance your shooting experience and improve accuracy while hunting.

Key Attributes:

Carbon Fiber Legs: Crafted from high-quality, lightweight carbon fiber, these shooting sticks offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making them easy to carry during long hunting trips without compromising on durability.

Yoke: The 360 degree rotating yoke attachment ensures a stable platform for your firearm or optics, providing steady support for precise aiming and shooting.

Aluminum Transition Section: Differing from competitor plastic construction, the REKON CFS-1 transition section located between the telescoping legs is made from strong lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, ensuring ruggedness and longevity under the most extreme outdoor conditions.

Telescoping Legs: The shooting sticks feature telescoping legs that can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide height range of shooters, from you youth (22 inches collapse height) to tall adults ranging to 6 foot 7" inches. This versatility allows you to adapt to various terrains and shooting positions effortlessly.

Unique Vertical Axis Height Adjustable (VAHA) Design: Unlike other designs, the vertical axis can be smoothly adjusted to fine-tune the shooting height up or down without redundant and cumbersome individual leg adjustments. The VAHA design provides precise control over your shooting setup and is particularly beneficial in rocky, debris strewn, and uneven terrain where leg width and height adjustments are unfeasible.

Compact & Strong: The CFS-1 Shooting Sticks are designed to be foldable and compact with overall length of under 19 inches, making them easy to transport and store or transport when not in use. Despite their portability, they maintain exceptional strength and stability.

Professional Performance: Developed in collaboration with seasoned big game and predator hunters, these shooting sticks are engineered to meet the high standards of professionals, ensuring top-notch performance in the field.

Superior Stability: The combination of carbon fiber and aluminum, along with the yoke attachment and height-adjustable features, guarantees excellent stability and minimizes any unwanted movements during aiming and shooting.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter, a sport shooter, professional marksman or preparing for your first hunt, the REKON CFS-1 Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks will elevate your shooting capabilities and enhance your hunting experience. Invest in these shooting sticks to ensure accuracy, stability, and success during every hunting expedition.

REKON CFS-1 Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks

Key Design Specifications:

  • Collapsed for transportation/storage Length: 18.25 inches
  • Maximum adjustable height for shooting (measured to bottom of yoke): 67 Inches
  • Shortest adjustable height for shooting (measured to bottom of yoke) 20 inches
  • Center Axis pole range of height adjustment: 11 inches
  • Configurable as a mono pod if desired (removable leg attaches to center axis pole)
  • Weight: 2lbs 6oz
  • Transition Section Construction: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.
  • Leg Construction: Advanced Lightweight 8-Layer Carbon Fiber Leg Construction
    • Featuring 4-Section legs with 3 length adjustable sections
    • Quick secure length adjustment with twist Lock / unlock
    • Max leg tube diameter 1.14 inches / 29mm
  • Yoke: Removable 360 degree rotating yoke attachment with rubberized protective coating
  • Included accessories: Camouflaged protective leg wraps, rubber ball and metal spike feet
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
  • USA Patent Pending

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weights are approximant

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