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Wicked Lights

Wicked Lights® W404iC RED Scan Plus Night Hunting Light for Hog, Coyote, and Predators W2074

Wicked Lights® W404iC RED Scan Plus Night Hunting Light for Hog, Coyote, and Predators W2074

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Wicked Lights W404iC RED Hog and Predator Hunting Scan Light. Protected by US Patent No. 11,441,743.


  This Kit includes:

1 x W404iC light with Intensity Control Tail Cap
1 x RED Intensity Control LED
1 x Standard Intensity Control Tail Cap
1 x 2-position Charger with AC/DC adaptors
2 x 21700 Li-Ion 5,000 mah rechargeable Batteries
1 x Battery Sleeve (to operate light on 18650 battery)
1 x Premium storage case

KEY Wicked Hunting Lights W404iC Scan Plus Hunting Light Kit Features: 


  Wicked Lights W404iC US Patented Design

  • Complete new design which eliminates bezel wobble found in lights that accomplish SPOT – FLOOD of the beam by rotation of the bezel
    • Once beam width (amount of Spot – Flood) is adjusted to your preference it can be “locked” in position.
    • The Spot – Flood function is accomplished by rotating the rear of the light.
    • Unique Spot – Flood adjustment lock mechanism
  • Powerful magnifying lens for extreme long range illumination
  • Adjust the brightness of W404iC infinitely, spook less animals


Wicked Lights W404iC ON/OFF & Intensity, Spot/Flood, & Lock/Unlock Controls

  •  Full Intensity Controlled rheostat cap that allow the light to be turned "ON/OFF" at ANY power level


 Wicked Lights 2-Bay Charger with 21700 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

  • Two bay Li-Ion battery charger
    • Charging indicators for each individual battery
    • 12 Volt DC cigarette lighter and AC power outlet and charge plug
    • Two rechargeable button top Lithium Ion PCB (protected circuit) 21700 batteries rated at 5000 mAh


Other Information:

  • Length-Flood:  203.2mm / 8 inches
  • Length-Spot:  215.9mm / 8.5 inches
  • Bezel diameter: 79.5mm / 3.1 inches
  • Body diameter: 30mm / 1.1 inches
  • Weight (with 21700 battery installed): 15.5oz
  • Purpose built and designed for night hunting by night hunters
    • Designed, serviced, and warrantied in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Limited Lifetime on W404iC light housing. LED assembly three years.  Standard tail cap, coil cord tailcap, mounts, carry case, batteries and charger, accessories one year.  See manual for details and limitations.
  • Protected by US Patent No. 11,441,743.
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